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Sooooo I've been thinking of moving this little dog and pony show to a blog like tumblr or some such thing. Lj seems so dead. Only a few of my friends list actually write anymore. :/ Any thoughts? I'd like to chronicle my internship experience at SEA WORLD!!!!! :D
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So today, I learned some things. I learned that my sartorius muscle in my left leg probably has tendonitis. That's self diagnosed of course but I'm trying to find a PT at school who can confirm that or tell me what else it could be. For those of you that don't ride, this is a rather unfortunate issue because it boils down to limited rotation if my left leg at the hip joint which messes up a lot of things. Not to mention the fact that it's a sharp kind of pain, the kind that makes you inhale quickly and wince. I'm noticing it a lot now that I've been practicing mah dressage skills. The way you sit is just a little wider and more relaxed, but I'm having trouble relaxing because I'm anticipating pain. Fuck my strange issues.

I also learned that trying to learn a second discipline has a nasty way of making you feel like an incompetent beginner. It's similar to Hunter/Jumper but again completely different. I'm having trouble with keeping my hands elevated and stretching down with my leg (again fuck you sartorius). I think I'll get it. I hope. The Dressage coach Ali says not to worry, everything is there we just have to finesse it. I sure hope so because OHMYGOD I'M GOING TO SHOW AT ROCKING HORSE. For those of you who don't know, I have an obsession with eventing and I want to get into it (hence the dressage) and rocking horse is a facility that holds all these trials and they have a huge cross country course. I will die. We pass it every year while we are in Ocala and I literally stare at it (even while driving lol). Much excitement. :D

PS. Stillwater's new barn is AWESOME and I love them. He's already gaining weight and he gets to sleep outside at night. His coat is better and he's regrowing hair on all his boo boo's that were impossible to avoid with him outside all the time. And he has a buddy named Daybreak and they SHARE the hay together <3 Awwh. Even with two piles they move from one to the other together. I have to take some pictures, maybe tomorrow.

On a bummer note, I wanted to go home this weekend to give Marly her birthday present and go to a concert I was invited to. I couldn't go though. Too much school work and my poor cat doesn't have enough teeth to eat dry food and my room mate can't feed him wet food (vegetarian/religious reasons) so I can't just leave him. Poor booger. So alas, I don't get to go. One of the trade offs of having my cats with me but I love them to death so what can I do.

I'm almost done with the X-files! I rented True Blood since everyone won't shut up about it. :P Anyone on my flist watch/read?
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Today, I did nothing but sit around in my pajamas watching The X-Files while a crazy thunderstorm raged outside. I consider this a success. :]
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Friday Five :]

1. What did you dream about last night? The other night I had some crazy dreams. I can never remember them though. That will teach me to go to bed again after I've woken up in the morning.
2. Do you record your dreams in your blog or a journal? Maybe I should since I only remember three nightmares from when I was little.
3. Do you think dreams are messages our bodies are trying to tell us? If so, are you real big on trying to interpret all the details? Definitely not. My dreams are always coked up. They make no sense and switch randomly to something else. Haha or maybe my dreams tell me I'm screwed up? lol.
4. Do you remember your first nightmare? Probably not my first nightmare. But I remember a couple from my elementary school years. I died in two of them. :/
5. Have you ever had a recurring dream? If you did, what was it and what do you think it meant? I think my recurring dreams mean I'm scared of them. But I haven't had one in a long time.

Break has been absolutely wonderful and I don't want to go back. I'm finally starting to feel better. Here's to hoping it lasts. I miss this barn and these people more than I can put into words. '

Holy fuck. Something just hit the sliding glass door. The dogs started growling. Scared scared scared.
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I'm horrible at organizing my thoughts...

but here's a short entry to let you know where I'm at.

Ocala 2009 was FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC. I have never had to pee so many times from laughing until I couldn't breathe. And that's not even including our amazing ponies. Speaking of ponies, besides being reared up with the first day, everything was incredible. Beautiful trails on my trusty pony Sally (I'm 5'7 and all legs.. hahaha) and jumping through the woods and up and down slopes with Legend. I wish I lived there all the time.

I'm gearing up to head to UCF in the big O-Town. I'm terrified I won't get loans or my aid will fall through. It's SO stressful. If it does work out, I'm goin to be so happy and relieved to be there. I love, love, love central Florida and I even managed to find two promising eventing barns and a myriad of Hunter/Jumper ones. Now I just need a job to pay for my rent/books/tuition/food/riding... How can my expenses list be so... expensive?

Anyway, it's almost 3 am and I should really go sleep or I'm going to be a cranky monster tomorrow. Ugh. Night. :]
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"Goodbye Love, Just came to say Goodbye Love, Goodbye."

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To the most incredible, patient, comfortable, spooky, sweet horse I've ever met I just want to say we'll miss you. Goodbye Rudy.
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Today I finished everything super early. Like by 11:30 I was done with Fish house, Manatee fruit, Deer food, AND Croc food. And we didn't need any baby Manatee formula so Sylvia was like just go help Jackie with some stuff by the bird room. So I got to throw away trash! Woo! lol and the bags fucking broke on us. Then I went up to Celebrity/Manatee exhibit pool and relieved the monitor there. I chatted with some really nice people and these really eager, adorable kids who kept interrupting what I was saying to ask questions. They were so cute. :) I like educating the public, especially the kids who get interested and excited about it. I did both Croc presentations in the afternoon and one stupid bugger wouldn't come out from under my platform for a bit in the beginning and I was scared he was gonna try to eat me, even though those crocs are so lazy you have to throw the chicken right at their mouth for them to make an effort to eat it. In between the two presentations I helped Thomas feed the baby alligators who are nuts. Like they will go for the food and bite whatever is in sight, including the turtles. They eat baby mice!!! :(:(:(:( The frozen mice are so pathetic looking. I also helped Jackie put some birds inside the bird room. The birds are a little crazy too. Alot of them will bite. I was scurred. lol And Thomas made me drive the golf cart that I was afraid to drive. Yes I am so awesome that I was afraid of a golf cart. BUT the golf cart is weird and sensitive! You barely touch it and it shoots forward. I did it though! And took more trash out. My life has alot of trash in it lately. lol Trash and Fish.
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