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Today I finished everything super early. Like by 11:30 I was done… 
29th-Jun-2005 08:59 pm
Kermit & Gonzo
Today I finished everything super early. Like by 11:30 I was done with Fish house, Manatee fruit, Deer food, AND Croc food. And we didn't need any baby Manatee formula so Sylvia was like just go help Jackie with some stuff by the bird room. So I got to throw away trash! Woo! lol and the bags fucking broke on us. Then I went up to Celebrity/Manatee exhibit pool and relieved the monitor there. I chatted with some really nice people and these really eager, adorable kids who kept interrupting what I was saying to ask questions. They were so cute. :) I like educating the public, especially the kids who get interested and excited about it. I did both Croc presentations in the afternoon and one stupid bugger wouldn't come out from under my platform for a bit in the beginning and I was scared he was gonna try to eat me, even though those crocs are so lazy you have to throw the chicken right at their mouth for them to make an effort to eat it. In between the two presentations I helped Thomas feed the baby alligators who are nuts. Like they will go for the food and bite whatever is in sight, including the turtles. They eat baby mice!!! :(:(:(:( The frozen mice are so pathetic looking. I also helped Jackie put some birds inside the bird room. The birds are a little crazy too. Alot of them will bite. I was scurred. lol And Thomas made me drive the golf cart that I was afraid to drive. Yes I am so awesome that I was afraid of a golf cart. BUT the golf cart is weird and sensitive! You barely touch it and it shoots forward. I did it though! And took more trash out. My life has alot of trash in it lately. lol Trash and Fish.
29th-Jun-2005 06:27 pm (UTC)
feeding crocs seems a bit unsettling! u could be the next crocodile hunter though! lol your job sounds awesome!
29th-Jun-2005 06:28 pm (UTC)
HAHAH! When people ask me questions I should SO bust out with an australian accent! lol I amuse myself. It's totally fun.
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